Itinerary of Lake Garda

9 boat stops, where to go and what to see in one day
We propose an itinerary of Lake Garda to be covered by boat. You can rent a boat choosing from one of ours, with or without a license or with your own private boat. In this tour, we have selected some of the most beautiful places on Lake Garda: you can walk it over several days, extending your stay for a swim or lunch on the lake; or adapt it to a day, navigating along the coast, enjoying breathtaking views. On Lake Garda you can breathe an air of vacation and relaxation: festive colors paint the towns bordering the lake shores and seen from the water they are magical.
Itinerari in barca Lago di Garda
Itinerari in barca Lago di Garda
We thought we'd recommend this itinerary to be covered by boat to help you better organize your day with a rental boat on Lake Garda in order to fully enjoy every moment of your holiday. If you choose to rent a boat on Lake Garda, our office is in Moniga del Garda: you can leave comfortably from our private jetty. If you don't have a boat license, you can rent a boat with up to 40 horsepower and drive it independently: these boats can be driven by anyone, it's not difficult, but it's good to pay attention to all the advice given to you because it's still like driving a car.
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​Starting from Moniga del Garda, you can go north towards the Rocca di Manerba nature reserve and skirt the whole area until you reach the island of Garda (consult our information map carefully to pass correctly between the pillars that delimit the rocks ). ( approx. 10 min. ) Coasting the island of Garda, you can admire a place of rare beauty, rich in history and landscape suggestions; if you wish, you can anchor at a safe distance and take a dip in this enchanting place. (approx. 15 min to reach it) the island of Garda is easily recognizable thanks to its splendid Venetian neo-Gothic style building. It can be admired in all its splendor from the boat but it is not possible to dock. Anchor a little further where, in a small bay, you will find many other boats. Here the water is calm, therefore perfect for a relaxing break and a nice swim. In our opinion, this is one of the unmissable stops on your Lake Garda itinerary on a rental boat.
Itinerari in barca Lago di Garda
Itinerari in barca Lago di Garda

Sailing further north we find Gardone Riviera: it has a spirit of its own and is also the beginning of the Riviera dei Limoni . ( approx. 20/25 min ). From here, continuing north, following the coast, you will see some lemon groves, up to Limone, one of the most beautiful and colorful towns on Lake Garda.

Famous for its lemon groves, for its extra virgin olive oil and for the long life of its inhabitants, Limone sul Garda is a delightful village lying on the shores of the Brescian coast of Lake Garda. We are in Lombardy, in the province of Brescia, on the border with Riva del Garda in Trentino Alto Adige.

Just opposite, on the Veronese shore, we find Malcesine: the irresistible charm of a village overlooking Lake Garda. City built at the foot of Monte Baldo, around an ancient Scaliger fortress. An enchanting village overlooking Lake Garda, the northernmost of the Veronese side. With its small port, squares and alleys that are always lively, Malcesine has an irresistible charm that captures you and never leaves you. Once you leave Malcesine, you can head along the Veronese coast to Punta San Vigilio: the most romantic corner of Lake Garda. It is an authentic paradise located on the shores of Lake Garda. What fills this enchanted place with charm are the art, history and nature that surround it. Last but not least in order of importance we have Bardolino, Lazise, ​​Peschiera and Sirmione.
Itinerari in barca Lago di Garda
Itinerari in barca Lago di Garda
In Peschiera the ancient walls are absolutely worth seeing, while Sirmione is a peninsula rich in history of which it still retains several testimonies. Thanks to its favorable natural position, Sirmione has been a privileged place of settlement since ancient times. Known by all as "the pearl of the islands and peninsulas" thanks to Catullo, Sirmione is renowned for the well-known healing properties of its thermal water. Sirmione, whose name derives from "syrma", i.e. "tail", "train", develops on a thin peninsula that extends for 4 km in the heart of Lake Garda, whose natural features represent a reason for admiration and renown since from antiquity. If you don't have a boat licence, remember that here you can find boats of up to 40 horsepower that allow you to navigate independently even without a licence. We also have a selection of new or very recently produced boats with a nautical license. We also offer the possibility of renting boats with skipper and hostess: so you can fully enjoy every single moment in relaxation with your loved ones, accompanied by our team of experts.
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