Wakeboarding and Mattia del Fiandra

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Our greatest passion is boats and our corporate spirit is one of continuous growth, dedication and teamwork.
For this reason, we have chosen with great pleasure to give our contribution to Mattia (originally from Lake Garda), who grows up with such dedication to his sport: wakeboarding; board water sport where you are towed by a boat.
Each member of the team contributes individually to the growth and improvement of Rappydrive and this is why we strongly believe in sport: we see the company as a great team, within which, everyone does their best individually, but winning is the whole team.
Keep it up Mattia!!

Wakeboard Rappydrive
Wakeboard Rappydrive

My name is Mattia Del Fiandra, I was born in Desenzano del Garda, I'm 15 and my greatest passion is wakeboarding.
For two years I joined the Italian national team.
In 2019 I participated in my first Europeans which were held in Kiev, winning 5th place in the final.
In November of the same year I also took part in the Abu Dhabi World Championships, finishing 7th.
In 2020 I won 2nd place in the Italian category championships and 5th overall in Italy.
Wakeboarding is everything to me!!! Passion, fun, some sacrifices to achieve the goals but above all a lot of satisfaction.
The feeling I get in the water is unique and indescribable, me, my board, the wave of the boat and the sensation of flying over the water.

Wir lieben was wir tun und wir lieben es darüber zu reden!

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