Destination Wedding

on lake Garda

Destination Wedding is the name used to define all those weddings in which the spouses choose to organize the wedding in a country other than their own, consequently also moving all the guests and transforming them into a real holiday.
Italy is one of the queens of the Destination Wedding, because it is so loved by foreign spouses.
But in reality the Destination Wedding in Italy does not concern only foreign spouses. It also concerns all those Italian couples who choose a region, a province, a city other than their own as the setting for their wedding.
With all the implications that such a choice entails for the organization, first and foremost the Wedding Weekend.
In fact, it is unlikely that, by moving all the guests, the wedding will take place in a single day. Organizing an entire weekend is almost a must, and that's what makes the difference.
So why not organize a beautiful destination wedding on a boat on Lake Garda?

Destination Wedding
Destination Wedding

A destination wedding by boat has many advantages in just one day you can visit many more places than by car and furthermore, the landscapes seen from the water acquire an incomparable charm.
You and your guests will be able to enjoy all the necessary privacy that only a boat can give you and you will have no other thought except to have fun.
With our crew you won't have to worry about anything, we will relieve you of any commitment so that you can better entertain yourself with your guests without ever getting distracted.
A boat event allows you to offer a complete experience: from sunbathing, a trip to characteristic places, a swim, an aperitif at sunset, a dinner in an exclusive place without anyone else.
You can also stay overnight in our boats and enjoy romantic and relaxing awakenings in our marina. (For a maximum of 2 couples per boat; for the remaining guests we will recommend the best surrounding facilities where you can book a comfortable stay.)

Don’t miss the opportunity to live memorable experience!

Rent your boat and discover Lake Garda in an unforgettable way!

After the wedding, once you have said goodbye to all your guests, you can continue with a romantic honeymoon on Lake Garda, accompanied by our skippers and hostesses in the best locations or by renting one of our boats in complete autonomy.
Lake Garda offers innumerable possibilities and experiences: visiting places of interest, sporting experiences, excursions in nature, food and wine tours, guided visits to historic places..and much, much more!

Destination Wedding
Destination Wedding

Your wedding album will be unforgettable
we will advise you on the best places to take your photographs for the wedding album.

Catering on board and all-round services we will advise you on the best catering in the area and will provide you with all the necessary services for the event.

We will support you at every step to guarantee you the best service and make your wedding unforgettable.

We also have proposals for hen / stag parties
that you can organize either on our boats or let us take you by boat to the best locations and the most beautiful places on Lake Garda.
You will be able to celebrate in complete serenity without having to use the car to return home or to the hotel.

Destination Wedding
Wir lieben was wir tun und wir lieben es darüber zu reden!

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